Thursday, July 31, 2014

64 degrees in July? Seriously??

Look at how beautiful the landscape is in OH! Plenty of farms and country roads to ride on. Now wait until you see the second picture.

Can you believe it?! It was 57 degrees when I woke up on Tuesday. I waited for it to warm up a bit. When it reached 64 I decided to head out but I still needed arm warmers and with a 15 mph wind, a windvest. It was not a pleasant ride. Besides the cold and wind, I was feeling every bump and crack in the road. At the end of the ride I was exhausted. Not from the distance or the effort, but from the road. I felt like I had taken a beating.

And yes, I know I look dorky with the mirror on my shades, but it's nice to know if there is a car back and how close they're going to be when they pass me.

Last Sunday I had the chance to see professional triathlete Meredith Kessler compete right here in Columbus. Meredith went to Columbus Academy (where I teach but I didn't have her as a student) and I also work with her mom at Academy. I follow Meredith on Twitter and during her races all over the world her husband gives updates, so it was very cool to actually see her race in person. She is currently ranked 2nd in the world as a female professional triathlete.

Top left: Meredith as she makes her way into the bike-to-run transition (T2) area. Top right: She's heading out of T2 for the run. Bottom left: Crossing the finish line in 1st place! Bottom right: Just after the finish, what a great race!

Meredith was kind enough to get a picture with me after the race.

75 degrees today so I'm hoping to get out for a few hours.

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