Friday, August 4, 2017

Pelotonia 2017 training photos, and Pelotonia 2016, the ride!

Me and the boys heading out for a training ride to get ready for Pelotonia 2017! Just below these photos is my write-up on Pelotonia 2016.

Pelotonia 2016 was very different for me. Even though I rode 100 miles on Saturday, it was the first time in 8 years I did not cross the Pelotonia finish line on Saturday.

Say what?

Weird, right? Let me explain. On August 1, five days before the big ride, Claud called me and said she had just talked to her dad and found out her mom had fallen down the stairs late the night before and broken her leg. She was going to need surgery and it was going to have to happen this week. Claud came home from work, packed her stuff, and headed up to her folks. The surgery went well but Claud stayed up there for a week to help her parents. So that meant I would drive Robby and I down to the start on Saturday, ride with him to New Albany, ride with him to the house, ride up to Granville and then ride back to downtown Columbus to make sure I got in 100 miles.

The boys helping set up the Express Peloton tent before the Opening Ceremony on Friday night.

Sky wants to get a ride in one of these next year!

After we set up the Express Peloton tent, we went home, showered ate lunch, and then headed back downtown for the Opening Ceremony.

Checking in.

We got our Swag bags and headed out to the partay!

They feed us well the night before. 

Ready to roll!

At the start.

First rest stop.

Rest stop #2.

Done! Great job!

Time for lunch!

I then rode out to Granville, got something to eat, and headed back downtown to get the car.

Saturday ended up being 107 miles in total. I got home at 6:30 that evening, ate dinner, and went to bed.

Masi knew I was exhausted.

Rise and shine! Early the next morning I set out to ride 40 miles and meet some friends at one of the Pelotonia rest stops.

It was a beautiful morning to ride!

I got to see all the rest stops being set up. 

Rest stop where I met my buddies, then I turned around and rode 40 miles back with them.

Finished! Another Pelotonia in the books! Thank you for your support!