Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Pelotonia training update, 2015

Training is going well and starting to pick back up. With just one week to go, I am trying to get in a few more miles before the big ride. I did my longest ride, 76 miles, on Tuesday, in the heat of the day (90ยบ+). Not a good idea. When I arrived in Granville, I still had about 20 miles to home. I had already gone through all four water bottles so I refilled, but the water was not very cold. By the time I got home I was so dehydrated, it was a bad scene. Claud came home and found me sitting on the bathroom floor eating ice chips because it's all I could hold down. Luckily the weather for next weekend is calling for cooler temperatures.

Below are some pics from some of my rides this summer.

Out on the country roads.

Crazy mailbox I saw on one of my rides.

Robby and I before one of our training rides.

Robby's riding on my first racing bike. He likes how much faster it is than his mountain bike.

Out on the road.

On this day, we ended up doing almost 17 miles. Robby said he felt great, and he is ready for his 25 miles on August 8! 

One week until we ride! Thank you again for your support!

Thanks for reading!